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What Are Managed Services – and How Do They Benefit Your Business?

“Managed services” means outsourcing technical and application functions and processes to third-party company, a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

  • Areas of Focus
  • 스피니커 서포트의 접근 방식

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World are designed to let you tailor functionality to meet your business needs. Managed services help you take advantage of this flexibility and avoid issues that can hobble system performance and cause disruption to the business. You’ll get help when you need it and how you need it, without getting locked into expensive, ever-expanding projects.

  • CNC 매니지드 서비스: You’ve invested heavily in EnterpriseOne but are looking to augment or replace your internal staff. Whether you need help with any of the “out of support” releases or the latest innovations in 9.2/Release 22, our CNC specialists can assist your technical, architectural, performance, and system optimization needs.
  • Proactive Monitoring Services: Proactive monitoring is essential to ongoing performance and capability adjustments. Combine advanced, 24/7 monitoring with CNC managed services to sustain uptime and improve your process efficiency. Even as you sleep, our proactive support detects and solves issues before you even know! Check out our solutions brief!
  • 애플리케이션 매니지드 서비스: Some organizations simply require staff augmentation for application management. Our Level 2 and 3 engineers can take over whenever and wherever your team needs the help – or just a well-deserved break.
  • IBM iSeries System Administration: If you’re running on the IBM iSeries platform, we provide support and system administration for all tasks, including profile management, PTF, IPL, BRMS, and IFS management. This skillset is increasingly hard to find, and our experts will tackle your iSeries issues if/when they happen.
  • World Managed Services: You love your World software, and so does our skilled team, which has been offering World technical services for decades. If it can happen in World, we’ve done it, including automating your AP process to helping create the right reports for your “C Levels.”
  • Development Services: Not every organization can hire FTE JDE developers, so why not tap into our skilled team? We can help customize your JDE system on a cost-effective basis. Whether you want to optimize the forms in E1 or utilize Orchestrator to manage your EDI process, we have you covered.
스피니커 서포트의 접근 방식

Unlike software support, which is always triggered by a ticket or incident, managed services are typically ongoing, proactively-planned activities performed by an assigned team of Level 2 and Level 3 engineers.

Our JD Edwards managed services expand your staff’s reach, fill gaps in your IT team’s capabilities, and improve your overall operability. Add to your existing team or offload critical IT system management to an attentive MSP like Spinnaker Support to improve performance while simultaneously controlling costs.

Why Choose Spinnaker Support for JD Edwards Managed Services?

Our experience, expertise, and excellent reputation stand alone in the industry.

포괄적인 토탈 서비스

애플리케이션 및 운영에 맞게 사용자 지정된 ITIL 중심 서비스

필요에 따라 제공

365일 24시간 응답 서비스

글로벌 엔지니어 팀

Level 2 and 3, with average 24+ years’ experience on Oracle JDE

필요한 경우 에스컬레이션

필요한 경우 전문가 레벨 4 수준의 직원 지원 가능

Lifetime Support for JDE

Optimize performance and uptime for as long as you need

추가 지원 가능

Third-party software support or project-based consulting through a single provider

JD Edwards Managed Services On Your Terms

We offer convenient packages of Technical Managed Services and Application Managed Services based on your operational requirements. Our pricing will depend on multiple factors like number of environments, package selected, and product mix. We develop this during our discovery process and assessment of your specific needs.  

귀사는 더 나은 고객 경험을 누릴 자격이 있습니다.
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Whether you need enterprise software support or ongoing managed services, we combine quality expertise with personalized service – at a very reasonable cost.

Proven Managed Services Across the JD Edwards Ecosystem
지원 버전, 릴리스 및 에디션
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 소프트웨어:

모든 업데이트 및 도구 릴리스

JD Edwards World 소프트웨어:

모든 누적 업데이트

JD Edwards OneWorld 소프트웨어

모든 업데이트 및 서비스 팩

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 지원 제품
  • 자산 라이프사이클 관리
  • CRM 및 주문 관리
  • 재무 관리
  • 인적 자본 관리
  • 제조 및 공급망
  • 조달
  • 프로젝트 관리
  • 창고 및 운송
  • 의류 관리
  • 재배자 관리
  • 건강과 안전
  • OneView 보고
JD Edwards World 지원 제품
  • 유통관리
  • 품질 관리
  • 제조 관리
  • 프로젝트 관리
  • 재무 관리
  • 기반
  • 인적 자원 관리
  • 급여 및 경비 관리
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