The Skeptic’s Guide to Third-Party Oracle Support

Learn the answers to these questions and more:

  • Is third-party support legal and accepted by the market and Oracle?
  • Who can provide better support than the publisher who wrote 
    the software?
  • Won’t our productivity suffer if we can’t access My Oracle Support?
  • Without security patches, how can you protect my applications?
  • Won’t my Oracle relationship suffer if I leave Oracle Support?

Unsure about third-party Oracle support? Our guide addresses 15 of the most frequently-asked questions about alternative Oracle support – ones that you may have as well. If you’re skeptical, or know someone who is, then this guide is perfect for you.


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Throughout the Skeptic’s Guide, we offer tips, recommendations, and links to other resources that can help you determine if third-party Oracle support is a good fit for your organization.

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