10월 14, 2019

Results of the 2019 SAP Sybase/ASE State-of-the-Market Survey


2019년 10월 14일 | Larry Goldman | Senior Director, Product Marketing Unique insights into how SAP Sybase/ASE customers will decide their strategic roadmaps in the years ahead. At Spinnaker Support, we continue to onboard new customers for third-part...

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10월 7, 2019

JD Edwards Year-End Processing Update for 2019


2019년 10월 7일 As we approach the final months 2019, we face a calendar chock full of events, holiday activities, and the annual requirement of year-end processing for financial and HCM departments....

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10월 1, 2019

티켓 예시: Resolving a Custom Code Issue in JD Edwards


Outside of a Priority 1 ticket, the Oracle Support experience is typically a self-directed search through a knowledge base on the Oracle Support portal. While this approach is fine for common questions or known error messages,...

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9월 19, 2019

Video Presentation – SAP’s 2025 Deadline: Real or Not Real?


In 2018, SAP prolonged the End of Mainstream Maintenance date to 2025년 12월 31일 for its customers on SAP Business Suite 7 and SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA....

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9월 13, 2019

Exemplary Customer Service: Completing Our Appointed Rounds


We’ve all heard some version of the United States Postal Service unofficial creed: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” We believe it because see the dail...

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9월 12, 2019

eBook: 10 Organizations Using Third-Party Oracle Database Support


We are often asked, “What exactly is third-party support?” A simple definition is: the replacement of publisher-provided support by a company that is not the original software publisher....

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8월 29, 2019

Trends and Observations from INFOCUS 19


Last week’s INFOCUS 19, run by the Quest Oracle Community, is the “premier deep-dive conference for the JD Edwards community.” We love that it’s in Denver, our backyard, so to speak....

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8월 28, 2019

Lexmark Relies on Spinnaker Support for Siebel and ATG Software Maintenance While in Transition to New Systems


For over eight years, Lexmark’s call center and customer service have relied on Oracle’s Siebel CRM solution. The e-commerce section on their website, through which customers order printers,...

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8월 22, 2019

How Oracle Customers Can Address the Internet Explorer 10 “End of Life” in 2020


If you haven’t yet heard, Microsoft is ending support for Internet Explorer (IE) version 10 as of 2020년 1월. From that time onward, Microsoft will only support IE 11 on the following Windows operating systems: Windows 7 SP1 Windows 8.1 Update ...

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8월 14, 2019

7 Steps to Evaluating a Third-Party Software Support Vendor


  At Spinnaker Support, we hold that third-party software support isn’t just a service, it’s a partnership. To achieve that state, both parties – customer and vendor – must be comfortable committing to a working relationship that c...

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8월 8, 2019

What Is the Difference between Software Support and Managed Services?


For companies researching alternatives for Oracle and SAP support and services, the market can be a confusing place. Vendors use interchangeable terminology, defining their services in very non-standard ways and making one-to-one comparisons nearly ...

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8월 5, 2019

Experience A Year of SAP Third-Party Software Support


As the end-of-September deadline for renewing SAP support draws ever closer, you’ve likely been holding vital discussions regarding your 2020 strategy and budget. Where can you cut unnecessary expenses? How can you afford new hires or support init...

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7월 25, 2019

What Is the Future of SAP ASE / Sybase?


For decades, Sybase, now SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) and related products, has been a popular relational enterprise database management system. Customers appreciate the accelerated transaction processing, high availability,...

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7월 16, 2019

Oracle 및 SAP 지원을 취소하기까지 장애물 #4: 퍼블리셔 지원 취소는 복귀 시 불이익을 의미


Our ongoing “Roadblock” blog series describes the tactics favored by SAP and Oracle account managers as they attempt to dissuade inquiring customers from switching to third-party support. Here,...

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7월 2, 2019

Oracle 및 SAP 지원을 취소하기까지 장애물: #3 제3자 지원의 합법성


Challenging the Legality of Third-Party Support Our ongoing Roadblock blog series describes several of the tactics favored by SAP and Oracle account managers as they attempt to dissuade unhappy customers from switching to third-party support....

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6월 27, 2019

티켓 예시: Spinnaker Support가 SAP 상호운용성 문제를 해결한 방법


SAP Support is neither cheap nor comprehensive. For example, under SAP support, how do you resolve a technical issue that SAP refuses to handle when it is out of scope for their standard support services? ....

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6월 12, 2019

Oracle 및 SAP 지원을 취소하기까지 장애물: #2 보안 클레임


Last week, we opened our Roadblock series by discussing the tactics that may be deployed by SAP and Oracle sales account managers to keep you locked into their own cloud product roadmap....

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6월 7, 2019

Oracle 및 SAP 지원을 취소하기까지 장애물: #1 영업 전술


Annual Oracle and SAP support revenues measure in the billions, with profit margins ranging from 75-90%. 이는 대부분 셀프 서비스 지원 모델에서 발생한 엄청난 수익입니다. 이러한 수익과 대규모 고객 기반을 유지하기 위해...

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5월 30, 2019

제3자 지원 고객 경험은 어떻습니까?


Oracle 및 SAP 기업용 소프트웨어를 위한 제3자 지원(3PS)은 15년이 넘는 시간 동안 퍼블리셔 지원의 실질적인 대체 대안으로 서비스를 제공했습니다. 제3자 지원은 수년간 기업용 소프트웨어 시장의 변화하는 요구 사항을 충족하고 Oracle 및 SAP이 해결하지 못하는 틈을 메우기 위해 끊임없이 진화했습니...

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5월 28, 2019

제3자 소프트웨어 지원으로 전환한 후에는 감사를 더 받게 되나요?


저희는 4월에 2019연례 고객 만족도 설문조사의 우수한 결과를 공개하였으며 여기에는 고객에게 반향을 불러일으킨 주제에 대한 추가 질문도 포함되어 있습니다. 한 질문은 “제3자 지원으로 전환한...

2019년 5월 28일 자세히 보기

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